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Five top reasons to choose Akira Studio hosting for your website

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  • Hassles with your hosting?
  • Not getting the service you need?
  • Need extra layers of security?

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere, and your choice of that “somewhere” can have a major effect on the visibility and smooth running of your website.

So, how do you work out what’s the best hosting for your website?

And why might a monthly combined maintenance and hosting website care package be the best for your business?

Here's how....


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Does my small business really need a website?

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It’s a question that you might well ask if you’re the owner of a very small business serving a local market.

According to a new survey*, 59% of small Canadian businesses do not have a website at all, and 41% of small business owners though their business was just too small to make it worthwhile.

Globally, these figures for very small businesses are about the same.The difference is that 55% of these businesses elsewhere in the world plan to build a website, whereas only 33% of Canadian businesses do.


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Lessons from Black Friday; your ecommerce website must not crash!

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Black Friday may not be the big deal it is in the US, but Canadians do love a bargain as much as the next shopper!

So, while the Toronto Star* reported that most shopping malls were “politely busy", possibly due to deals starting earlier in the week, the same could not be said of some online stores….


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Top five tips for SEO and social media success

brighton seo blog imageAt Akira, we invest considerable time in learning about new trends, techniques and technologies to make our websites the best possible.

While we spend many hours following leading lights in website design and development online, nothing beats hearing these people speak live at a conference - and being able to quiz them in person!

Our SEO and copywriter Kirsty recently attended BrightonSEO, a cutting edge conference bringing together top SEO and social media practitioners from the UK, US and Europe to discuss what they do, why they do it, and most usefully, exactly how they do it.


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Shop until you drop: business benefits of an e commerce store

shopping online bag greenOver the past few months we've been helping several clients sell their goods and services online for the first time.

We’ve created an e-commerce website for products and services as diverse as testing grips, limo hire, homeopathic pet supplies and street lighting keys.

So, what are the business benefits of an online e-store?


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Heartbleed Bug - We've got you covered

Heartbleed Bug - We've got you covered

You may have heard in the news about the Heartbleed computer bug, which potentially gives hackers a way into your private information stored on sites using the OpenSSL system.

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D and H Rim Polishing New Website!

The owners of HDR trucking have now started a second business polishing rims.  We are proud to announce the launch of D and H rim polishing's new website, we wish you the best!

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Verriez goes live!

Our latest website project has just gone live for the London based executive search company Verriez. With a new responsive design based website and SEO the new site is sure to raise the profile of this already very successfully company. See http://www.verriez.com/

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Akira Studio's new website!

It's been a long time coming but our NEW website is finally live! This new offering very much reflects where our company is today and how much we have grown in the last few years - we hope you like it ;o) Visit: http://www.akirastudio.com/


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The town of Ingersoll

A nice article on one of our latest projects for the Town of Ingersoll: http://www.lfpress.com/2013/05/29/builders-town-officials-team-up-to-spread-the-word-about-ingersoll

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