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Five top reasons to choose Akira Studio hosting for your website

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  • Hassles with your hosting?
  • Not getting the service you need?
  • Need extra layers of security?

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere, and your choice of that “somewhere” can have a major effect on the visibility and smooth running of your website.

So, how do you work out what’s the best hosting for your website?

And why might a monthly combined maintenance and hosting website care package be the best for your business?

Here's how....


Website Hosting: understanding the tech specs 

Without getting too techie/geeky, there are certain features that any web hosting needs to make your website happen online. (That’s the Linux, PHP, PERL, MySQL, Python stuff you may see mentioned). Then there’s the ability to host websites built in popular software, such as Joomla! and WordPress. Plus the capability to run e-commerce solutions in popular formats, such as ZenCart and OpenCart.

But you don’t need to worry about all that. With Akira Studio’s combined hosting and website care, you can forget the geeky stuff (we’ll take care of that).

Instead, here are the five features of top quality hosting and website maintenance that business owners like you really need to focus on.


#1 - Reliability

You rely on your website, so it needs to be up and running 24/7/365. At Akira Studio, we offer hosting with 99.97% uptime, which means that your website is live nearly every second of every day. What’s more, our systems alert us of any issues, so we can fix them almost as they happen. (This is very rare, but it does happen occasionally, as does server maintenance.)

Akira Studio hosting bonus: our monthly hosting care package includes free CloudFlare set-up, especially useful for larger, band-width websites. CloudFlare speeds up your website page load times AND protects it against malicious attacks. And it won’t cost you a cent more.


#2 - Security

How secure is your server? We only use highly secure servers in established centres in your country. So, Canadian websites are hosted here in Canada, UK websites in the UK, etc. Then there’s the work we do behind the scenes. We’ve all heard of the increasing number of cyber attacks, but the media often forget to mention just how many are prevented by good practice and quick action. At Akira, we work with hosting professionals to literally stop attacks before they happen, and keep your website safe. It’s like having a team of eagle-eyed 24/7 security guards looking after your website - for just $55 a month (£35GBP).

Akira Studio hosting bonus: search engines and browsers want to see secure websites, ones that feature SSL security and have an address that starts with https (rather than plain ol’ http). To make your website https, you need an official SSL certificate. With our monthly hosting care plan, we include a free SSL certificate with every new account, saving you $120 a year.


#3 - Backups

When did you last back up your website? Never? Join the club! The simple fact is, high quality hosting should offer daily, automated backups to protect your data, and to ensure that if something does go wrong, your website is safe. High quality hosting such as ours will also restore your website to another in-house server in the highly unlikely event of a server failure. And you won’t even see so much as a hiccup!

Akira Studio hosting bonus: websites hosted with us are backed up daily. Nuff said!


#4 - Updates

This is the clincher for many of our clients. We don’t just host websites, keep them secure and make sure they are live 99.97% of every second. We also monitor them on a regular basis in terms of functionality, and advise you when they need a little TLC. Our $55 a month website care package includes updating your website with small changes and for our popular WordPress sites, regular updates to the WordPress software itself. So, if you don’t have the time or staffing to make changes, or don’t want to mess around in the back end of your website, you can relax and know we’ll take care of it.  (Bigger jobs like redesigns or menu changes are not included - just call us for details). 


#5 - Peace of mind

Yup, this is the one you thought money can’t buy? Well, it can! For many Akira hosting clients, peace of mind comes from knowing that if they have a question, they call us. Not endless web Help screens, or a foreign call centre with the usual scripted replies, but someone who understands your concerns, can access your website and your hosting in seconds, and will do their very best to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Now that must be worth $55 per month!


Call us now to move to Akira Studio hosting!

For more details of our website maintenance and hosting care package, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss all aspects of hosting in straightforward, non-techie language. Try us out and discover why over 400 business owners like you choose care-free hosting with Akira Studio, for just $55 a month (£35 GBP).

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