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TONY SCOTT is the president of Akira Studio Ltd. Before relocating to Canada, Tony built his own successful UK web and graphic design studio working with major clients such as designer Jeff Banks and numerous small businesses. The relaxed lifestyle in Canada and the opportunities to help Canadian businesses get online persuaded Tony to move Akira Studio to Ingersoll, Ontario. He quickly built up a varied client base across Ontario and Canada, including local firms such as McClays Transportation & Haldimand County. He also built an international team of specialists who work remotely to create Akira’s distinctive websites, including a UK-based SEO specialist copywriter and a Lithuanian coder!

Now you see me… Why quality website hosting is so important in 2021

Akira blogs 2021 web hosting

When you first set up your website, you may not have given your hosting much more of a thought than the price. However, there is a lot more to hosting than just a monthly fee, and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

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Online stores: promote them just like a printed brochure

shopping online bagWThinking of getting an online shop to sell your goods direct to eager buyers across the country?


Have you devised a marketing plan to promote your online e-store by identifying and contacting prospective customers?

Sort of?

And is that plan for a one-off mega push or a sustained campaign over several weeks?


An online store is at its heart a sales brochure, albeit a very clever one that has instant buying options built in.

So, you need to promote it like a good old fashioned full colour ‘hold it in your hand’ printed sales brochure, to ensure your online e-shop is the success you and your business want it to be.


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Five top reasons to choose Akira Studio hosting for your website

web hosting image

  • Hassles with your hosting?
  • Not getting the service you need?
  • Need extra layers of security?

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere, and your choice of that “somewhere” can have a major effect on the visibility and smooth running of your website.

So, how do you work out what’s the best hosting for your website?

And why might a monthly combined maintenance and hosting website care package be the best for your business?

Here's how....


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The great https/SSL panic; keep calm and get prepared

shutterstock SSLcertAs of 31 January, the new Chrome browser may start flagging your website up as "Not secure".

Don't panic!

Your website is just as secure as it is today. It's not suddenly become vulnerable to cyber attacks or hackers.

It's just the new version of the browser (Chrome 56) noticing that your website has not got an SSL certificate. Your website therefore appears as an http:// address, not an https://.

However, you will need to take action within the next few months.

Here's our guide to how - and why.

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Google+ is dead: long live Google+


google imageYou may have heard that on Jan 23rd, Google pulls the plug on Google+.

In fact (and this is not an alternative fact!), Google are simply revamping Google+, adding new features as requested by current users. As Google says,

“We believe the new Google+ is really your Google+ — designed around your suggestions, requests and needs.”

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