Meet the Akira Studio Team

At Akira, we're a small but highly experienced team who love what we do, and put our heart and souls into every project. We expect the best from ourselves every time, so you can too. Our expertise covers all aspects of web design and development, including the look, the functions, the text, the techie stuff under the bonnet, and that spark of inspiration that sets your project apart from your competitors. For expert web design services in London ON, or for London UK, call us first!

tony2TONY SCOTT is the president of Akira Studio. Back in the UK, Tony built his own successful web and graphic design studio working with major clients such as Jeff Banks and numerous small businesses. However, a taste of the relaxed lifestyle in Canada persuaded Tony to move his business to Ontario, where he quickly built up a varied client base in Ontario and Canada, including local firms such as McClays Transportation & Haldimand County Hydro and national start-ups such as EarthBin. When he's not working hard designing on his beloved iMac at Akira's studio in London ON, he can be found burning rubber up the highway on his equally beloved Harley, and enjoying the great outdoors and fresh Canadian air.

andrew ANDREW TEMPLE is an invaluable member of the Akira team, a triOS college graduate working with Akira Studio to develop cutting edge websites and mobile apps. As Akira's Webmaster, he creates custom solutions for client requests, builds terrific websites, devises clever mobile apps and still finds time to keep up to date with the new technology. (Ah, youth!) Andrew enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and eating right to give him the energy to work and enjoy time with friends.


kirsty KIRSTY YOUNG is our SEO expert and copywriter, who creates web copy that's engaging, sells like a dream, and that search engines love to index. It's her expertise in researching keywords and putting them in the right place in the text that ensures all Akira-made websites rank well in Google from day 1. She's also a Brit, (nobody's perfect) and when she's not writing, can be heard singing opera across the UK, or showing her pedigree Field Spaniel.

jetJET was Vice President of Akira Studio and until her sad passing this year, the brains behind the whole company. Without her expert supervision, Tony’s move to Canada and subsequent business expansion simply wouldn’t have happened. Her exceptional skills included sitting on warm computers in the winter, hogging the air con in the summer, and costing Tony a small fortune in fresh fish. She is much missed.


christineCHRISTINE WILDE is our WordPress expert and is based in the south of the UK. She has worked with Tony since she was at university back in 2006. Creating beautiful, functional and responsive WordPress themes is her specialty. She also dabbles in 3D modelling and animation. When she’s not focused on her work she enjoys the outdoors and a spot of fire Poi spinning. She also has a love of American Muscle and would one day love to own a Camaro.